13 January 2009

New Convert

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I am beginning to love OS X on my wind, or as I have christened it, "MacBook Wind".


Super cool dock, especially with the Stacks feature. And Exposé rocks!

But a learning curve is of course to be hurdled like discovering that I can make screenshots by pressing on command (which is Alt on my keyboard) + shift + 3.

This is not even a real Mac that I own. My OS X Leopard installation has to be doped with a plethora of kexts to even get it working. My hardware isn't 100% working.

Saying it isn't supported is a sugar coated permutation of saying it's forbidden.

My Mac Book Wind, a measly pearl white MSI Wind netbook, is my version of the chic and pricier Mac Book Air that Apple's touting as the ultimate ultra portable computer.

Yet I am still very much hooked in Mac OS X and as an example, I've invested in back issues of iCreate and Mac Life to gather more information on this enticingly sumptuous operating system that is new to me.

It's amazing to realize how it holds true that Apple is leagues, if not light years, ahead of the current PC market and short of providing apt justification for this conviction, look at the following words:

Quick Look
Time Machine
Cover Flow
iLife '08
iWork '08

I'm also constantly burying my nose in Leopard the Missing Manual by David Pogue to get up to speed with my new system.

Maybe I can blame my iPod for starting all this new madness?

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