12 January 2009

"It just (doesn't) work!"

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As I was running a mere hackintosh, Steve Job's "it just works" moniker does not hold 100% true for my OS X experience. I've had to search into nooks and crannies of forums all over the net and hack away for hours at the least up to days when things are just a jumble of spaghetti mess.

One thing thing that doesn't work out of the box even installing with the slip streamed custom installer that is msiwindosx86, are the webcam, WiFi, and mic.

But thanks to persistent people over at the msiwind.net forums, RealTek released a driver for the WiFi module in the MSI Wind.

I downloaded it from one of the links posted on the forums File sharing accounts would expire now and then so I'm not providing a link to download it. I suggest you hit the forums at msiwind.net and you'd find someone renewing the download links.

I was saved from having to buy a replacement compatible WiFi module and consequently from voiding my warranty by opening up my wind. And though I had to use the RealTek WLAN utility that was pesky enough to auto launch each and every login, I was a  happy camper.


The same happened more or less with my webcam:  it spit out only green garbage in Photo Booth. So, as usual, I hit the forums again, and was told to update my version Quick Time to the latest. I was skeptical since my mindset was on weird "take off the battery for a couple of minutes or so then put it back" etc, but I gave it a try and downloaded the latest Quick Time for mac from the apple.com and low and behold, I the next time I fired up Photo Booth, I saw my face plastered on the screen.

I was fortunate enough to have the Sonix webcam which turned out to be functional in OS X. Others with the Bison v .3 weren't as lucky.

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