15 January 2009

Installing Apps

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I'm used to having to face an installation program when getting a new application on my PC. It's one of those familiar landmarks that let me know I'm home or near home, if you will.

In hopes of getting a messenger app other iChat on my MacBook Wind, I got Yahoo Messenger from the DVD I got from a fellow forumer. So, being the PC user I normally am, I clicked on the smiling Yahoo Messenger file in Finder, expecting to see an installation pop up and bug me.

Instead, I saw Yahoo Messenger immediately open. "Wow, this is really fast!" I thought. I quit the program after using it for a while

And then the problem was that YM was no where to be found when, later, I wanted to use it again. Where did it go?

I checked my applications folder but didn't see it; only iChat as if beckoning me with an inaudible 'Use me instead!'. 

And then I thought of just popping in the DVD again and clicked on that smiling wide icon in an attempt to launch some installation action but to no avail.

I hit the forums and found out that that smiling icon on the DVD was the entire application itself and all I had to do was drag it to my applications folder. I could even drag it to somwhere in my Mac and it would run from there.

Really now. This exercise made me feel a lot stupid ;)

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