29 January 2009

Heartbreaker DVD Player App - Goody Guy Next Door Who's Been Your Friend Forever VLC?

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Yeah, so I should just buy a real Mac if I'm gonna be this obsessed with every bit of detail. But I can't afford it. And so my inner child, one that can be bratty at times, will prevail.

I knew I was bound to encounter some problems with my hackintosh along the way. One of them is DVD Player's stubborn refusal to grace my MacBook Wind with its service, sticking its tongue at me like so:

dvd-player-errorI can't help but smile as I pause a split second, before hitting on that blue  OK button that, in my opinion and much to Steve Jobs' pleasure - not that he'd be pleased I'd harnessed one of his beloved big cats in a measly netbook, is "lickable" indeed.

What's funny is that I took the error message as an allusion to what I'm really doing. Instead of blurting out quite blatantly as "You nasty pirate! The nerve you have for running oh so chic OS X Leopard on your scum of netbook dirtbag!", not quite unlike Micros0ft's "You may be a victim of software piracy" with its Windows Genuine Advantage scheme, I get a simple "a valid DVD drive could not be found" and DVD Player would just gracefully shut itself down as soon as I click on the OK button.

Snobbish but calm and composed. Reminiscent of some scene from a movie I'd watched, wherein a plain looking gal comes sheepishly  in view, a bundle of naught but nerve-endings raw obviously, to confess her undying love for this dashing debonair of a guy. And then this guy just merely looks at her and says without flinching "I'm way out of your league".

Oh the indifference so cold could reduce an innocent heart into destitute ashes and dust!

Good thing I've VLC to save me from all that drama :D

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