11 January 2009

Drag 'n Drop

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Don't I just love the new Finder? I'm used to using iTunes 7 and 8 on my workstation PC at the office and I must say that this sidebar thing is great!

Couple that with Cover Flow view and Quick Look, and you'll wonder how ever you were able to manage without them.

Quick Look is a time saver as it allows me to get a peek at a file without having to open up an application. I'm head over heels!

However, it still just bewilders me each time I drag some files off of my iPod into one my Home folders to transfer them, but low and behold; when I drag and drop, OS X makes a copy of my files instead.

And then I drag and drop the docs from my Downloads folder to my Documents folder, and OS X moves them instead now. Weird.

It seems that dragging ang dropping between different disks is really copying but between locations in one and the same disk is really moving files. 

And apparently my computer vocabulary has to change too with moving to the Mac OS. Oh well.

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