19 February 2009

Quick Time Pro - Google And Ye Shall Find

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Did you want to save those nifty Apple how-to movies for watching later when you're offline or just for reference?

I did too. In fact, I even checked out the iTunes store to see if they were available for download as podcasts like the Apple Quick Tips. No luck with that. 

Then I tried sneaking off to IE's temporary internet files folder under my user's account in Document and Settings -- yep, I'm doing this at the office PC. That tactic didn't prove fruitful either.

Hmmm. It seems that the only option left is to go Pro with Quick Time. But I didn't wanna shell out just to get videos that, I believe, are meant for the public anyway - we're talking about Apple how-to movies  here, so I just followed the old saying "Knock, and it shall be opened to you", albeit in its new incarnation: "Google, and ye shall find"


Dawn M Fredette


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