18 February 2009

Netbook Addict, Reveal Thy Self!

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Like all yuppies I have a pressing need to stash up for the rainy days (i.e. when the company decides to chuck me for good due to the worsening economy). However, I think I've been exposed to a viral epidemic that is the netbook craze -- started by Asus of course with their Eee PC 701. And so here I am, aware of the impeding danger yet unable to fully grasp it, the truth held at arms length is visible yet remains unfelt.

Against the odds, I'm getting a new netbook tomorrow. If all goes well; if I'm pleased with the pre-owned unit from the seller, I'll be starting a new blog.

Guess what: it's gonna be named "MacBook mini"

And yep, that's because I'm gonna put OS X Leopard on it! ;)

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