07 February 2009

MacBook Wind (Hackintosh Netbook) Can Be Legit?

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According to news from cultofmac.com, Psystar, the Apple clone maker which Apple itself has sued is given a second shot at proving that the Cupertino based company "misused its copyright".

I'm thinking of the Apple EULA: "Thou shalt not defile OS X by installing it on (inferior) hardware (i.e. PC's) that does not bear the Apple logo..."

Now I don't know much about software legal stuff but it seems, at least in the US, that a company cannot link its software copyright to its own hardware. Ultimately what this means for the hackintosh community is that there may come a day and time that one can buy OS X from Apple with the freedom to install it on any hardware one has -- on a toaster perhaps? Then we can have an iToaster? Ok, I should stop since I'm no longer being funny.

Seriously, if Psystar wins, I'd say it's good news. Consumers will have more choice in hardware and the OS X experience can be brought to the masses. But what about Apple? At least it gets its share of fame and viruses as well when it hits that crucial market share that makes it a profitable target for malicious computer hackers. 

Hey, Apple fanboys out there, I do love Apple but I also can't help but laugh at the silliness of this comic strip from ctrl+alt+del  ;)


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