09 April 2009

It Could Be A Happy Ending After All

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It's been a long while since I last updated this site - been busy in the "beauty department" hence the 1 month hiatus in the "nerd land" - but I'm back.

Remember that " Try and try until you burn out" post? Well this entry's got plenty to do with that topic. I'd been attempting to install OS X on my HP Mini 1000 by going with the bootable usb, or in my case, bootable external hard drive. I'd spent many a sleepless night trying every trick under my sleeve to get past that nasty "Mac framework successfully initialized" blah blah but to no avail.

I thought maybe I was just unlucky that way or I just had to get myself a Retail OS X Leopard DVD installer or iDeneb v1.3 like what everyone on the forums were doing. And so I got a Retail OS X Leopard DVD - there was a Tiger mac that needed to be upgraded to Leopard anyway so I thought I'd use the DVD myself for this little experiment.

I began trudging on, only to find myself bumping head first on to a wall - a very hard wall at that. My DVD drive flashed me I/O errors after 35 minutes into the project. Argghhh!!

I was stuck with the old iDeneb image I had stored in my Wind's hard drive. I read through Res' instructions from insanelymac and lo and behold; I found out where I'd tripping and didn't know I was even tripping before.

It turned out I always went directly to installing the HP mini plugin in Universal Installer, skipping OS X essentials plugin.


This time, I made sure I went through the OS X essentials plugin step of the how-to and low and behold: it booted.

Now my main problem is that aside from the keyboard, which I really adore of the HP Mini 1000, and a squashed 800 x 600 resolution, I didn't have anything else worth mentioning in my setup.

Does WiFi work? Although there's an Airport menulet in the menubar (now how redundant is that?), I've no way of verifying since we don't have a WiFi router at home.

Bluetooth? OS X asked for a bluetooth mouse - I plugged in my usb optical mouse but it wasn't recognized rebooting with it plugged in already caused the system to hang - but I didn't have a bluetooth mouse so I wouldn't know. Pairing with my cellphone would be pushing it, I thought.

The weirdest thing is that I'm getting an error message each time I get to the desktop.

"The system extension "name of kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling, or contact the product's vendor for an update"

After trying to manually install the kexts; that is, replacing stuff from the /System/Library/Extensions folder and then deleting the /System/Library/Extensions/Caches folder along with the Extensions.mkext file with still the same original lame result, I'm fed up.

I'm not gonna bother trying to go further with this so I'm downloading iDeneb v1.3 now. I'm through part 8 of the entire series of .rar files. Maybe within this weekend, I'll be able to test.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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